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Planning a memorable party for your child can be overwhelming.

  • So many ideas....so little time.  
  • Where should it be- in home or at an other location?
  • Should I have it at home? How do I prepare my house?
  • What about food?
  • How do I handle that food?  What should I make and what should I buy?
  • What about decorations? Do I make them or buy them or both?
  • Entertainment! What Entertainment?
  • There is so much to do, how will I get it all done?
  • and then there is Money, money, money...How to save some money.  

"Party Planning for Kids"

takes you step-by-step through each part of the process.

define your party budget
Choose your party theme
Pick the best time and date for your party
Hostess Party responsilities
Setting the tone for your party
Best Party Location
Party Decor?
Party games for kids
kid's part menu
kid's party entertainment
favors and goodie bags
party time saving tips
bonus party printables
Bonus Food Ideas
Birthday Party Fun Facts
party resources

Plus-get access to a Private Facebook Group for you- members of this class to share questions and answers.  Included will be Facebook Live Sessions and surprise tutorials.

A bit about me:


Is this class for you?

Ask yourself...

  • Do I want my child to know that this is their special day and include them from the start of the process (even if they are not aware of their contribution)?
  • Do I want to create a memorable party that "WOWs" without breaking the bank?
  • Do I want to see smiling faces, during and after the party?
  • Do You want to go from frazzled Mom to Fantastic Mom?

Then join the
Positively Party Printables
journey to 
Planning a Child's Party.

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